splatterson (splattworld) wrote in dramaproject,

Update: MySpace New Play Network

Strangely enough, the Myspace New Play Network...


...will be a year old in a couple months, and it's doing pretty darn well. Currently, we have about 375 members which include playwrights, theatres, and various theatre professionals from all over the world. It continues to be a good place to announce a new script, look for a script, or discuss the business of new play development, and I'm trying to include announcements for script submission opportunities now and again.

(Note to those who want to send me submission opportunites for inclusion: I'm going to follow the Dramatists Guild example and not include fee-based submission unless the theatre explains clearly what the readers fee goes for...and if the fee's outrageous, expect snark. I don't know how I became the anti-fee poster boy, but I'll bear the cross.)

Anyway, there's a lively bunch of folks there, and here's hoping the group continues to grow, having weathered its first year.

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