Away Above the Chimney Tops (boobirdsfly) wrote in dramaproject,
Away Above the Chimney Tops

It's not too late to join ... we just started !!!

Join us and write a play in November !!!!


It's not too late to sign up for Naplwrimo !!!
You know you want to write a play in November.
You know you want to.
Even if you never have.
Even if you don't know how.
And if you know how and want to and haven't signed up , you need to sign up at these two addresses :

Naplwrimo Homepage
Naplwrimo Discussion Boards

Signing up for both is the only way to participate !!!
Don't miss out and see you there !

I gotta go start my play.... or you know... write the 30 other web pages that should be up and aren't yet.

Playwrighterly Yours,

Dorothy aka imtboo but don't tell anyone :)

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